DKS Virtual Assistant Office First day of my virtual diary – February 6th, 2024

First day of my virtual diary – February 6th, 2024

Today at the Quality Control department was… interesting, to say the least. Sam returned from his QMS course all fired up, and let me tell you, the sparks were flying!

From the moment he walked in, it was clear something was different. He exuded excitement, but it quickly morphed into nitpicking and a constant stream of pronouncements about how we’re “failing” at various quality standards. Now, don’t get me wrong, Sam genuinely cares about quality, but sometimes his enthusiasm spills over into criticism that can feel more disruptive than helpful.

As the new Quality Manager, navigating this dynamic is something I’m still getting used to. Josh, bless his three-month-old heart, mostly kept his head down and focused on his tasks, occasionally throwing me a sympathetic glance. Honestly, I couldn’t blame him.

Sam launched into a detailed analysis of everything he learned on the course, highlighting supposed shortcomings in our current practices. While some of his points were valid, the constant barrage was overwhelming. I tried to interject, ask clarifying questions, and redirect his energy towards proposing solutions instead of just identifying problems. However, his enthusiasm sometimes turned into defensiveness, making it challenging to have a productive dialogue.

By the end of the day, I felt a little drained. It’s clear I need to find a way to manage Sam’s well-meaning but intense energy and channel it into positive change for the department. Maybe I can suggest he use his newfound knowledge to spearhead a specific improvement project? That way, his passion can have a tangible impact without derailing the entire team’s workflow.

One thing’s for sure, being a Quality Manager is never dull! I’m sure tomorrow will bring its own set of challenges and opportunities. Until then, I’m off to unwind and strategize for a more harmonious (and productive) day in the QC department.

P.S. Maybe I should suggest a team-building activity next week? A little bonding and shared laughter could go a long way in fostering a more collaborative atmosphere. Just a thought…

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